Principle 1.1: Identify and list potential hazards

Identify and list potential hazards

What does this mean?

Potential hazards include all hazards (biological, chemical, physical and allergens) that may be reasonably expected to occur at a particular process step.

How is this stage achieved?

Use the flow diagram as your guide. For each process step shown in the diagram list all the potential hazards that could be reasonably expected to occur at that step. Later (Principle 1.2) you will be asked to provide a description of the cause or source of the hazard.

Include all the hazards which may be present in the raw materials, introduced during the process and hazards that could increase or survive a process step.

To eliminate or reduce a hazard, reference must be made to

  • good use of the supporting technical data.

  • condition of food (Aw, pH, temperature).

You need to refer to Preparatory Stage C, Scope of the study.