Preparatory Stage H: On-site confirmation of flow diagram


The flow diagram must be checked to verify that it is correct and shows all steps involved in the process as outlined in the Scope of the study (Preparatory Stage C).

How is this stage achieved?

The flow diagram should be confirmed as being correct. It is recommended that this is carried out by someone not familiar with the process in addition to members of the HACCP team. The advantage of having someone not familiar with the process to check the diagram is that 'they are a fresh pair of eyes', and may identify a step that has been overlooked.

You may wish to consider the following:-

  • Ensure it is a current and accurate representation of the process/module
  • Ascertain if practices are the same for all shift patterns, differing staff levels, seasonal variations, all production patterns (e.g. high and low production volumes)

Documentation and Records

  1. Record that the flow diagram has been confirmed as being correct
  2. Record the date it was confirmed as correct
  3. Record who confirmed the flow diagram as being correct

Records of out-of-date flow diagrams must be kept.


The flow diagram shall be subject to review and should be current and accurate at all times. Amend the flow diagram as the process changes.