Preparatory Stage B: Obtain Management Commitment

What does this mean?

This stage details commitment to an ongoing HACCP study by management.

Small vs larger business

In a small business the HACCP Leader is often the Manager - in this instance it is their responsibility to ensure that they are committed to an ongoing HACCP study.

In a larger business it is often the HACCP Team Leader who is responsible for ensuring that the management of the business are committed to providing the necessary resource to an ongoing HACCP study.

How is this stage achieved?

Before any HACCP study begins, management must commit to providing the necessary resource for the study to be completed, implemented and maintained. Only by having full management commitment can a HACCP study be carried out effectively.

Some examples of the resource required include:

  • Availability of staff to perform the HACCP study.

Even for a very basic product with low risk ingredients there will need to be a time commitment – but this will pay dividends in ensuring that your product is safe and that you can demonstrate increased diligence if there is a problem.  It is important that all staff involved in the HACCP study are aware that a HACCP approach to food safety is on going.

  • Time for staff members to research key areas of the HACCP study (e.g. potential hazards at process steps).

  • Attend meetings (if sufficient staff).

  • Training of staff.

  • Purchase of equipment if required.

Commitment needs to be ongoing.  Your HACCP based controls will need to be kept under review to ensure that any changes to the product, process or technological advances are taken into account.  It has to be kept up to date.