Preparatory Stage B: Obtain Management Commitment

The preparation and effective implementation of a HACCP system requires both time and effort not just on the part of the HACCP development team but also by everyone who is involved in the preparation and handling of your food. As such, there should be a clear statement by management which commits their support to the process. The MyHACCP tool will ask you to provide evidence that such management commitment has been obtained.

It is best for the commitment to be made in the form of a clear written statement of management support for the HACCP process which gives authority to the HACCP team and can be referred to in staff briefings and training sessions. It would also be helpful to include details of the resources that will be made available for the process.

You might prefer to include the commitment to HACCP within a broader food safety policy that you make available to both staff and customers, for example on your website, to demonstrate your determination to develop and implement an effective food safety management. Smaller food businesses in particular may choose to simply make such a declaration.

The key elements of a declaration of management commitment might include:

  • Allocation of sufficient staff resources to complete the HACCP study and implement the HACCP system.
  • Recruitment of any specialist staff needed to support the HACCP team.
  • Raising awareness of the HACCP process with all staff and provide sufficient training to those directly involved in the study.
  • Involvement of members of the management team as necessary.
  • A commitment to provide timely management decisions as required by the HACCP team to facilitate the development and implementation of the HACCP.
  • Purchase of additional equipment as required to ensure the effective operation of the HACCP system.